Jim went to public school and was a terrible student. So it was a real shock to everyone when he wrote "Felines of New York" and it became a New York Times Bestseller. But it was a shock to no one that the book is half pictures.


Here's some of Jim's other work, some published, others rejected by the most prestigious publishers in the game.


"Who Doesn't Love a Parade?"

New York Times Sunday Review, May 2018


"Seven Things Rich People Do That You Aren't Doing"

Cleveland Scene, 2016 Comedy Issue


"I Joined ISIS But Now I’m Back So Let’s Please Just Forget About It"

Rejected by McSweeney's


"What We Talk About When We Talk About Cats"

Pitched as part of a book of cat-inspired essays written in the voice of famous authors. Rejected by Every Single Publisher Who Read It.