Jim Tews does not make websites.

This drawing I did of myself should be centered.

Trying to build your own website when you’re a comedian is like representing yourself in court when you’re a clown. Everyone gets a kick out of it, but ultimately you’re going to jail.

I used to make websites for fun, but I put it aside long ago to work on other things. I did a bunch of standup, wrote a New York Times Bestseller (among other things), and animated a few shorts for the likes Drew Barrymore, Weezer, and more. I even got a wife and a dog.

Now I’m back ten years later and everything is different. I’ve awoken from a coding coma to find the world unfamiliar. They don’t even make Internet Explorer anymore. I used to be the king of GeoCities. I used to be somebody. I had a page counter. Now I don’t know how to change this font.

If you have any questions, you can email me. If your question involves booking me or hiring me, you can email my manager. And if you’re someone who makes websites, please don’t reach out. This is a journey I’ve got to make on my own.