Jim Tews writes.

This page is just me showing off. My regular blog is here, if you need a current fix.

I write comedy that’s usually funny, but also sad if you sit and think about it too long. I’ve written tons of standup, books, articles, really bad film school papers, and countless late-night submission packets.

I like to write scripts, particularly for animation. If you want to see any of that, you can reach out to my manager. I was recently a mentee in the Netflix Animation Foundations Program, and I’m currently part of the Writer’s Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project.

“Felines of New York”

What began as a silly tumblr parodying the popular “Humans of New York” became a New York Times Bestseller. Why not pick up a copy while you’re here?

“Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?”

An op-ed from the New York Times Sunday Review, May 2018


A sketch written for part of an SNL submission packet, featuring Jason Momoa and his feet.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Cats”

Pitched as part of a book of cat-inspired essays written in the voice of famous authors. This one channels Raymond Carver.